Do you want make better lifestyle? want to become an entrepreneur? If Yes! get here 10 best business ideas for US graduate student that could start from zero or low investment. Whether want flexible lifestyle, either want to earn millions of dollar. Business always help you to fulfill your dream and become a rich person like Bill gates and Jeff Bezos.

Life is a horse and business is a rein, if you don't learn how to manage the life rein then surely will going to be part of 7 billion crowd. According to my own opinion every people has "ONE UNIQUE SKILL" which far better than others and you have 20 years to sharp your skills and convert into the unique business idea and also here we are sharing top 10 most successful small businesses which will help you to start own business at age of 20.

top 10 business ideas

List of Top 10 Business Ideas For Student:

  1. Real Estate Business
  2. Courier Business
  3. E-Commerce Business
  4. Business Intelligence
  5. Photography Business
  6. Yoga Business
  7. Tax Consulting Business
  8. Online Education Business
  9. Tech Support Business
  10. Video Production Business

Real Estate Business:

real estate business idea

Real estate is one of fast growing business also most profitable business idea. But more than 80% realtors failed within 4 to 5 years because of insufficient skills in property management. At age of 20 or during graduation, we don't know about What is failure and why it occurs? 

So, if you want become a millionaire it is the best time to start a real estate business because it's right time to take risk, face failure and build a solid base of your business.

But you should need to practice all given tips before starting real estate business.

  • Understand the property management model of your business region.
  • Understand licensing requirement.
  • Make business and marketing plan 
  • Learn from experience Realtors

Get complete guide -  How to start real estate business?

Courier Business:

courier business idea
Do you think? Yeah! Courier business in 21th century. Courier is too old business idea and also one of the fast growing business idea too. Standard courier services are work on their own life cycle - Pick Up products from warehouse and drop on the given location. This is very easy and profitable business with minimum failure risk. eg. USPS – United States Postal Services.

If you are interested in courier business startup must follows the given tips
  • Name Your Business should be unique, meaning and memorable. Like Fedex.
  • Meet with business advisers 
  • Gather the necessary equipment.
  • Figure out what kind of licenses and permits you need.
  • Always consider the appropriate type of insurance to protect your business in case of an accident.
  • Marketing Your Courier Services

E-Commerce Business 

Ecommerce business startup is one of the most challenging online business idea especially in US region. Because of all the eCommerce super-giants are in US like Amazon, eBay and  impossible to beat them. But eCommerce business also making billions of dollar profit every year. 
So it is a good business idea for graduate student but one think can be decrease confident of student -

How can survive my eCommerce business between these giant eCommerce companies?

Only one thing need to ask yourself  - What is your business strategy and how different from other?

If your strategy and plans different from other eCommerce portal you can start your business.

Amazon is world largest e commerce portal and selling everything and Shopify is world largest proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores  have more than 6,00000 marchants. Both are E-commerce business but with a unique idea and strategy.
  • Start With Your eCommerce Business Name.
  • Secure Your Domain Name and Website.
  • Select The Best Business Structure and Register Your Business.
  • Get Your Employer Identification Number.
  • Apply for Business Licenses and Permits.
  • Find the Right Vendors

Business Intelligence Services:

Businesses needs data of customer or employees for the purpose of better organization management and business growth. Business Intelligence system help make businesses run better, more cheaply and more efficiently.  
Business Intelligence system help make businesses run better, more cheaply and more efficiently. Some power BI software
  • Sisense
  • Looker
  • Infragistics
  • Qlik
  • SAP BI
  • Tableau Software
  • SAS
  • Microsoft BI
  • IBM BI
  • Infor BI
During graduation student can learn any of BI software from Udemy or other resources after than could join freelancer portal for initial income.

Photography Business:

Everyone might be start a Photography business? It's not sure - If you are interested in photography and also a good photographer you may choose your career as commercial photographer and start home based photography business..

Get full Guide  - Photography business 

Pros & Cons of Photography Business:
  • Make money using a skill that you enjoy
  • Take advantage of the flexible schedule and work full or part-time
  • Expensive photography equipment is required for startup
  • Work engagements often take place on weekends during prime family time
  • Choose to book clients in locations you'd like to visit

Yoga Business

We have already discussed -  How do girl make money online from home?

But Yoga had missed -  everyone want be fit and can pay any fee for them. Yoga business idea making thousand of dollar every month.

If you are interest or doing Yoga you can start own Yoga Business from home .

But need to some preparation and plan before implementing Yoga business idea into real business.
Get Yoga Certification - In USA many institute offer Yoga certification course. Here some of them
  • American Viniyoga Institute.
  • Yogalife Institute.
  • Sivananda Yoga Farm.
  • ChildLight Yoga. ...
  • 200 Hour Teacher Trainings.
  • Teacher Training Retreats in California.
  • Yoga Certification Courses in Hawaii.
  • RYT Certification Courses in Florida.  

Create A Business Plan - make initial roadmap of your business idea to change into reality.

Tax Consulting Business:

Start own professional tax consulting business firm is best things to make money and become own boss. If your are a finance student it's easy way to start tax consulting firm.

Online Education Business:

online education business

Online education business grow rapidly and generating lots of revenue for owner. eLeanering platforms earn more than $50 billion in 2016. So if you have a graduate student, have great opportunity to start own onlin education portal or marketplace like

How to start Online education business in USA?
  • Validate your idea and evaluate.
  • Create an online portal 
  • Make high quality video a start sharing on popular video sharing platform like YouTube

Tech Support Business:

Better communicatio skill make better opportunity to earn money through a tech support business. Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Google and other all large enterprises always looking for impressive partner for ther product and services support and they pay huge amount of money for them.

Upwork is best place where you can find best - solution to start a tech support business 

Video Production Business

Renderforest is one of the best online video production firm for all types of businesses. Which charged $29 to $50 per video, if you are good graphics and animation designer you can start your own video production platform.

These are top 10 business ideas for US student who need to be your own business and want become millionaire. 

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