Everyone is now looking up for the ways they could make money online. I mean everyone wants to earn money in the 21st century and Making money online is the best option to choose. The Internet has evolved a lot and has generated numerous money making opportunities for everyone.

Now It is very simple to start online work and get paid from around the globe. One of those opportunities are PTC sites,  Paid To Click sites are the websites that pay you for completing various offers on the web. It means You'll get paid for each click you made through their website.

Clixsense is one of the best and most popular PTC sites. I mean they are among the genuine PTC sites that really pay you for your work and you can earn a lot through Clixsense. In this Guide, I'm going to tell you all about What is Clixsense and How Can You Make Money With Clixsense?
One of the best things about PTC sites are, You don't need to put all your hours into the work. You can work on it part-time too and can make a lot of money with Clixsense.

You won't believe people are making thousands of dollars with this money making PTC site. There are a lot of websites that claim to make you a lot of money but they won't pay you a single penny. Stay away from such websites. Anyways, Coming back to the topic. Let's know more about Clixsense.

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What Is Clixsense?

In Simple terms, Clixsense is an online global community that offers various ways to make money doing some activities on their platform. It is a Paid To Click site that means You'll get paid for completing offers, surveys and referring people to the system. You can earn good money from Clixsense by spending daily 30-45 minutes on Clixsense platform.
Clixsense was started back in 2007 in the USA as a paid to click website. Since then they have changed a lot and developed more and more ways for their users to make money online.
They claim to have paid over $ 33 million to their user since then. With time, they also became the leader into the industry and is still growing.

How To Make Money With Clixsense?

Now, You must have got an idea about what Clixsense exactly is. Let's start making money with Clixsense.
Before Going Ahead, You need to sign up for an account on Clixsense from here. After creating an account, You will get a validation mail on your registered email id. Make Sure you confirm your email.
After validating your Clixsense account, they will ask you to log in and then update some of your important information there. Like address, contact details & payment settings.
One more thing I would like to tell you that not only pays for your activities but it also gives a daily login bonus. That means You just have to log in to your Clixsense account to get your daily bonus as well.
After putting all your details and information click on the update button and you'll be redirected to the main page from where you can start your start making money.
I already told you there are multiple ways to make money with Clixsense. I'll tell you every Clixsense earn money ways in this article.

Completing Surveys

The main way to earn money from Clixsense is completing the surveys. Every day when you'll log in to your Clixsense account you'll see new surveys with the amount on it. Once you complete the survey, you'll get the amount credited into your Clixsense account.
Want to increase your Clixsense Income? Try to complete every available survey in your Clixsense Account.
Two types of survey options you can see in your account. i.e Survey Invites & Daily Surveys.
In Survey Invites, You need to complete all the surveys so that you can get more and more surveys into your account. It'll increase your chance of income too. These surveys pay you around $0.25 to $2 per completed survey. Sometimes more than this too.
Make sure, you use real information while completing these surveys, As some of the surveys will pay you instantly while the surveys with red flags pay within 30 days of completion.
While daily survey routers are the surveys where you can complete & attempt the surveys multiple times a day.While some only allow attempting for a limited number of times. You need to keep an eye on Daily Survey Routers to earn more money from Clixsense.

Completing Offers

You can also make money on Clixsense by completing daily available offers in your Clixsense Account. You can complete different offers from various different websites. Offers include doing Sign-ups on different websites, downloading an app/software etc.
You will earn Clixcents on completing each offer from the various merchants which will be later transferred to your Clixsense account. You can withdraw them later on.
Generally, 9 different offers are available daily in your account. Complete the offers as soon as possible and the reward will be credited to you.
clicksense offer

Completing Tasks

There is another great way to make some extra money in Clixsense and that is by completing particular tasks. Just click on the tasks line to get over the currently available jobs in your Clixsense account.
Every job has its own value in $. You'll earn the same accordingly. You just need to follow the given instructions to complete the tasks and you'll be credited with the job value.
Also, there is no limit on a number of tasks you complete. Choose the tasks you find interesting and complete it.
If you want to increase your income, Try to complete every Clixsense earn money tasks every day.
clicksense task

Clixsense Affiliate Program

Every system has a Refer-n-Earn Program, also we call it an Affiliate program. Another great way to boost your Clixsense revenue is by promoting Clixsense to other users. Start referring Clixsense to your everyone.
Clixsense Affiliate program gives a lot of benefit for a lifetime from every person you refer to Clixsense.
Three ways by which you'll be benefited are:

  1. For every referral you made, You'll earn $0.3 per refer.
  2. When your referral earns $5, you'll get $2 in commission.
  3. Every offer & task completed by your referral will earn you 30% of your referrals income.
For a rough calculation: If you refer 1000 people to Clixsense then you'll earn $300 as a referral income. $2000 when they'll earn their first income and unlimited income based on their offer completion and activities.
These numbers will grow as you make more and more people join Clixsense.

Participate In Weekly Contests

Also runs various games and contests where you can earn up to 25$ as a prize if you won the contest. Make sure you participate in the Clixsense contests to increase your income from Clixsense.
They have a puzzle game where you have to complete the puzzle and Woohoo!! You won. Your Clixsense account will get credited with the reward amount.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About Clixsense

Is Clixsense Real Or Fraud?

Yes, Clixsense is one of the genuine PTC sites which is running successfully since 2007 with happy users. Trust me, they are the best PTC sites you'll have ever seen. Try them for a while and You will love them.

Clixsense Pays Money Or Not?

Yes, You don't need to worry about the payment. As told Earlier, They are genuine and will pay you on time. They have paid over $33 million to their users till now.

How Do I Get My Payment?

Clixsense has three methods to send you the payment. They pay via Payoneer, Skrill & Neteller. So you need to have accounts on each of the following so that you can receive your payments from Clixsense on time. Make sure you have any of these accounts otherwise you won't be able to withdraw your earnings.

How Much Can I Earn?

It purely depends upon your work and how much time you put into it. I would say rather than working alone, start working on building a team and you can multiply your income in the upcoming days. I already did a rough calculation above.
clicksense income report

Ending Up

Clixsense is a great place where you can make money online by spending some time daily as a part-time. You'll need to complete tasks, offers, surveys and refer other people to Clixsense to earn more money from Clixsense.

It is among the best Paid to click sites that have paid over $ 33 million in revenue to its users since its starting. It is one among the all genuine PTC sites running for so long since 2007. They also acquired the industry with their name and service.

Build a proper strategy for Clixsense and start working. The Clixsense affiliate program is the best option to earn a lot of money by making people join the Clixsense community.

Clixsense earns money offers & surveys can even turn you into a millionaire. I know few people who have made more than $80 k from Cixsense completing these daily tasks.
Looking to make money online? Want to earn money? Join Clixsense Now

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