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Everyone wants to earn money to fulfill their needs and demands. With the evolution of the Internet, Hundreds of opportunities to make money online are born and people are earning money online sitting at their home. You can also make money fast online by working in various ways

I've been working online from home and I'm earning a lot of money online from my home for a long time. I can help you in making money online. You must have heard the proverb " Where there is a will, there is a way".

There are hundreds of ways you can make money online from home. Today In this article I'm going to help you make money from home without investment.

I will share 100+ ways to make money online.

101 Ways To Make Money Online

I've tried a lot of things in my online journey so far. I can tell you the best ways to make money online from home without investment. Even I have earned a lot with this money making ways. Let's know more about 100+ ways to make money online.
ptc site

1. Make Money Online With PTC Sites

The easiest way to earn money online is by joining PTC sites and working on those websites daily. I have already told about Clixsense which is one of the most trusted PTCwebsites and you can earn money from home without investment if you do your work daily. PTC websites are generally Paid To Click website in which you'll be paid for every action you perform on the website.

2. Make Money Blogging

Blogging is also one of the best and most recommended ways to make money online. I've been blogging for a long time now and making a really good income from my blogs. Blogging is the best way to earn big amount of money every month. In general, you can easily make more than 1000+ $ every month from your website.

I have multiple blogs where I post content and make money through the websites. It's a little time taking process but it will give huge results when you'll be completely into it.

Step 2: Setup Wordpress Blog
Step 3: Apply For Google Adsense 

3. Content Writing

content writing
You can also earn money online by writing content for others. Most of the bloggers/agencies hire content writers for their websites & blogs. You can also become a content writer and can earn a lot of money per month. You must have proper knowledge of writing along with command on your language. I've seen a lot of experienced content writers who charge even more than $1 per word.

Start a -  content writer job 

4. Online Consultancy

If you're having expertise in any field then this is going to be the best way for you to make money online from home. You can start your own Online Consultancy portal in which you'll consult with your clients related to your niche or subject and in return, they'll pay you your consultation fees.

Online Consulting Job: Upwork
Search Engine Optimisation is highly in demand. With the increment in internet users and the need for web content. SEO is going to be a very vital part of the web industry. If you're good at SEO then you can easily get a client for your SEO services or you can use it on your own projects to get more organic reach and potential customers.

Find SEO Job on:
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr

6. Email Marketing

email marketing
Email Marketing is a great way to reach to people through emails. If you are good at copywriting then you can even work as an Email Marketer for agencies. You'll be required to have proper knowledge of email marketing and other related tools to do well in this field.

List of best email marketing software:
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • Drip

7. Social Media & Search Engine Marketing

online marketing
You can also make money online by being a social media marketer for different digital marketing agencies or your business clients. It's a highly paid job in which you can earn a lot by working from home.

Search Engine Marketing is art related to PPC marketing and If you're good at Search Engine Marketing. You can earn a lot of money online by working with Adwords and other related networks.
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Twitter Ads

8. Social Media Management

social media management
Every social media profile/pages need a manager. Even every big celebrities/agency have their own Social Media Managers who keep the track of all their social media activities and performs actions based on them.

List of best social media management tool:
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Sendible
  • Social Pilot
  • CoSchedule

9. Domain Flipping

You can also make money online by flipping domain. If you don't know about flipping domain then I would like to tell you that, In domain flipping, you buy a domain for a normal rate and then you start reselling the domain at a much higher rate. Eye-catchy domains, as well as business domains, are sold for millions of dollars. You can also make money by selling domains.

Best Domain Flipping Marketplace:
  • escrow.com
  • afternic.com
  • flippa.com

10. WordPress Plugin Development
wordpress plugin development

WordPress Powers 32% of all the websites available on the Internet. So the requirement of WordPress plugin developers and Theme developers is also huge. You can work as a freelance WordPress Developer for website owners and you'll get paid by working from home online.

11.Website Flipping

Website Flipping is just like Domain Flipping. In websites flipping, you'll start & design a website and then you'll resell it to someone else for a much higher rate. The rates of a website depend upon their traffic stats as well as a website quality

Best marketplace for domain flipping: http://websiteflipping.com/

12.Web Designing With PHP
PHP website

PHP is in demand and If you know PHP language and you design websites for others on PHP language and can earn money sitting at home. PHP developers are highly in demand and if you're into it then you can easily make money online.

Find web designing job at, Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr.

13.Coding Services

You will have a lot of clients if you're good at coding. In fact, coders are paid really well. You have to code for programs for your clients and they'll pay you for your coding services.

14.Mobile Apps Development

Mobile users are increasing and so the requirement of mobile apps is also increasing. Mobile App Development is a great way to make thousands of dollars every month from home online. You just have to develop mobile applications and you'll be paid for your work online. You are required to have proper knowledge of mobile application development.
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development 
  • Cross Platform Mobile Development

15. Technical Support

You can also make money online by providing technical support online to others. If you're good at tech & gadgets then It's the best way to make money online for you.
  • Desktop Support
  • Online Server support


So much different languages and that's the reason Translators are highly paid to translate stuff written in different languages. If you know multiple languages then you can easily translate for someone else online and you'll get paid in exchange for your translation.

Best website for translation job:

  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • People Per Hour
  • Translators Town

17. Virtual Assistant

You can also make money online by becoming a virtual assistant for a person or agency online. Most of the users look for a virtual assistant for their online work. You can become their assistant and can make money online.

Best website for virtual assitant job:

  • Virtual Staff Finder. 
  • Fiverr. 
  • Upwork.
  • HelloRache. 
  • Fancy Hands. 
  • TaskRabbit. 
  • Vasumo. 
  • VaVa Virtual.

18. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs are also a great way to make money online by putting up your free hours into work. If you're having good computer knowledge(basic) then you can easily work as a Data Entry Operator in many online companies. You'll be assigned work ( data entry work ) and you'll be paid when you complete your work.

Best website for data entry job:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Worknhire
  • People Per Hour

19.Earn From Cashback Sites

There are a lot of websites like cashkaro and a lot more which offers cash back when you shop online through their channel. Everyone shops online and you can use this opportunity to make money online while shopping in forms of cashback.

  • Mr. Rebates
  • Swagbucks
  • Upromise

20.Online Tutoring

Chegg & Meritnation are some online educational portals in which you apply as a Tutor and You'll earn money by teaching students online. If you are good in any academic subject then you can easily become an online tutor and can make money online.

Best wesite for online tutor job:  tutor.com

21.Get Paid To Click

There are many websites that offer you money on your clicks. Basically, they show you advertisements and you've to click on them and you'll get credited with some amount of relevant money.

Best paid to click site:



Podcasting is into the trend and you can also start your daily podcasts online using various tools like Anchor.FM or SoundCloud or Apple Music. Use these podcasts to build your loyal audience and you can later convert them into customers.

  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Instgram Live
  • US Stream

23. Ebooks

You know a lot of things about something. Write an Ebook about it and start selling it. It can become a great way to make a passive way to make money. You can earn thousands of dollars selling ebooks.

Best marketplace for EBook selling:
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Lulu
  • Nook Press

4.Columnist For Newspaper/Magazine

If you're a writer then you can also make money by becoming a columnist for some newspaper or magazine. Magazines agency always looks up for Columnist for their magazines.

Find best columnist job at:

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Linkedin Job

25.Digital Journal

In This Digital Era, People loves reading digital content and if you love to write journals then You can do it online and on the same time you'll be making money out of it.

26.Content Sharing

If you're good at creating awesome content that goes viral around the web then you can make a lot of money out of it. You have to stand apart from others so that your content goes more viral.

27.Earn Money Via Mobile Apps

There are many applications from which you can make money online. In these apps, All you have to do is to play games, refer friends, watch videos and much more activities. In exchange, you'll be paid money into your bank account.

28.Online Journalism

You can also become an E-journalist and can make money online. Write for famous blogs like Entrepreneur and Forbes, also on content sites like Wittyfeed and you can make a lot of money online.

29.Online Designing Job

If you're into graphic designing and you're good at it. You can start getting clients online and can make money online by designing for other people.

30.Contextual Advertising

Websites like Infolinks & Viglink gives you an opportunity to start working on contextual advertising on your websites and blogs.You can make thousands of dollars from here.

31. Survey & Form Filling Jobs

There are many websites that offer survey and form filling jobs by which you can make money online. All you have to do is to fill up survey forms online and you'll get paid.

32.Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter Marketing is also a great way to make money online. You can use Newsletter marketing to convert normal users into your customers by regular newsletters.

33.Giving Space To Publish On Your Website

You can also make money by publishing for others on your website. In this, The client will send you the content regarding their business and you've to publish it on your website and you'll get paid.

34.Revenue Sharing Websites

There are many websites that offer revenue sharing and you can also become a part of them. You can search more regarding revenue sharing websites to start working with them.

35.Membership Sites

Do you provide any services online? you can make a membership site with a fixed membership fee in exchange for your service. Just like matrimonial sites do.

36.Write For Other Websites

You can also make money by writing stuff for other websites. There are many websites that offer you to write for them and you'll get paid according to your work.


CPA means cost per action. You can make money by promoting CPA offers from affiliate sites like Maxbounty and more. You have to promote particular offers/deals and whenever someone buys something you'll get paid.

38.Desktop Publishing

You can design covers for magazines from your home and can make money by selling it online.

39.Facebook & Instagram Pages

You must be wondering how you can make money from Facebook Pages. but you can make a lot of money by creating a facebook page. You can make money by driving traffic from Facebook to other websites, from Facebook Video Publishing feature you will get paid for ads on your Facebook Page videos.
Instagram Pages can also bring money into your pockets. Instagram is emerging as the most used photo sharing platform and everyone is more active on Instagram. You can buy/sell Instagram pages as well as sponsored posts on Instagram.

40.Websites  & YouTube Sponsorship

If you own a Youtube Channel then you can also make money from sponsorship offers from different brands. Bloggers can also make money by sponsorships. You can make money by promoting others on your websites.

41.Selling & Old Books Courses Online

If you own many old books which you don't use. You can sell it online to get some extra money online. If you're an expert at something. Create a course related to your niche and start selling it online. There are a lot of people looking out for the best resources to get started in that particular niche.

Courses related to cooking, coding & starting a blog are in high demand.

42.Stock Images

Stock images are also great business tools. Websites like ImagesBazaar and Shutterstock sell stock images and you can also try doing the same.

43.Make Money Selling Gadgets

If you are into gadgets and kinds of stuff. Your own a lot of gadgets then you can start your online business by selling gadgets online.

44.Arts & Crafts

Many people are very fond of arts and crafts. Specially handmade crafts are used for interior decoration. You can start selling your own handmade crafts online


Loves Photography? There are thousands of people looking for photographers online. You can become their choice. Build your own online portfolio and start getting clients.

46.Painting Auctions

Are you a painter? You can also make money by organizing Painting auctions online. There are many people who love paintings.

47.Creating Your Own Merchandise & Selling

Youthiyapa & Bewakoof are the perfect examples of creating their own merchandise and start selling it. You can also do the same.

48.Stock Trading

People are making millions from stock trading. You can also learn the basics of stock trading online and can start trading in stocks right from your mobile device.

49.Sponsored Tweets

If you're having a lot of followers on twitter then you can also make money by tweeting sponsored tweets on your twitter profile. There are a lot of brands which offer such offers.

50. Forex Trading

Forex Trading is similar to stock trading. But Forex trading is not allowed in many countries as you trade different currencies and you make thousands of dollars.

51.Sponsored Likes & Shares

You can also make money by liking other's pages and sharing their content on your facebook pages and profile.

52.Product Testing

Every product which is developed came into the testing phase where it is being tested by a group of people for getting reviews and improvements. You can become a product tester and can make money online from home.

53.Playing Online Games

There are many websites which can pay you money for playing games on their websites. Playing rummy online, Carrom, Chess, and such more similar games can bring some extra cash in your bank account.

54.Online Software Testing

Software companies always look for product testers who can use their software and can find bugs & problems so that the company can improve their software. You can make money online by becoming a software tester.

55.Making Money With Webcam

You can also make money online by making erotic videos online through your Webcam. There are many sites that offer you such programs where you can also do live streaming and you'll get money.

56.Raise Money For Charity

It's illegal but you can also make money by crowdfunding for charity purposes. You can search more for the related information

57.Selling Insurance Online

You can also make money by selling insurance policies to people online. It's just like becoming an insurance agent online. You can earn huge commissions from there.

58.Sell Your Used Products

Running out of money? You can also sell out your used products from your house to get some extra money into your pockets.

59.Web Services & Solutions

Web services are highly in demand. If you know how to design websites, doing optimizations then you can sell your services online and can make hundreds of dollars from every client online.

60.E-commerce Business

E-commerce is at the boom and you can make millions of dollars online by just starting your own E-commerce store online. These days, starting an e-commerce business is very simple. You can also start drop shipping in which you don't have to take care of the inventory and all things.

You don't have to become like Amazon or eBay. Just start selling your own products, or you can find local products which are in high demand and start selling it online.

61. Real Estate Business

Real Estate business has very higher profit margins and you can make thousands of dollars on every completed deal. Start your Real Estate business online and get clients from all over the world.

62.Automobile Reviews/Comparison Portal

Everyone looks for reviews when they buy bikes and cars. You can start a comparison portal where you can compare different bikes & cars along with their specifications.

63.Reservation & Ticketing Portal

Reservation and Ticketing portals receive a lot of traffic every day and you can also start your own web portal and start offering similar services to your users.

64.Online Ad & Branding Agencies

The Internet is expanding and it's going to be more and more. Ad & Branding agencies are going to have a great future ahead. Every brand is now approaching the internet users and they will need such agencies for branding and advertisements. Be an early starter and get the benefits later.

Best Advertising Agency in USA:

  • BBDO
  • McCann
  • Ogilvy

65.Starting A Coupon Website
coupon business

You must have seen a lot of coupon websites when you search for coupons and deals online. Those websites receive lakhs of traffic every day and they make a lot of money via affiliate & Advertisements. You can also start your own coupon website and start making money online.

List of popular coupon websites in USA:

  • GroupOn
  • RetailMeNot
  • Coupons
  • ShopAtHome

66.Online MLM

Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing is still a great way to make money by building a network of people. You must have heard about a lot of MLM companies but you can start working on Online MLM companies or you can start your own venture if you're having money to invest in.

Start making money through MLM -  Step to start MLM

67.Domain Name & Hosting Services

domain portal
You can start your own portal where you can start offering web hosting and domain registration services. every day hundreds of businesses are shifting online and you can get a lot of clients if you deliver quality service.

68.Bulk SMS Sender

You can start your online bulk SMS sending services to different clients. SMS are a great way to reach your customers and brands always look for bulk SMS sending services.

hanks for visiting digital employee - Hope you are doing well 

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